Yellow Fever: Not A Bad Word

March 19, 2015

Yellow Fever: It’s not a bad word

We often hear the words yellow fever and think it has a negative connotation. Well, it doesn’t for us at Two Asian Matchmakers. You cannot help what you prefer. Everyone prefers a certain look. Some men prefer Caucasian women, Latina women, or Black women. And of course, some prefer Asian women. You cannot help who you are attracted to. Some women are attracted to George Clooney look, some are attracted to the Denzel Washington look. We work with men who are attracted to Asian women. It’s not yellow fever because some Asian men and Caucasian men like Asian women and that’s who they are comfortable dating.


Is there anything wrong with admitting that you prefer Asian women? No, there is nothing wrong with that. Society made it sound like there is something wrong because of the term yellow fever. We know you have preferences. No different than a Caucasian man preferring a Caucasian woman. We recognize that it’s what you find attractive. You have to be attracted to who you want to spend the rest of your life with, don’t you?

We have a large database of Asian women in Los Angeles and abroad. We would love to help any man who are interested in dating Asian women. We work with a lot of Asian men who only want to date Asian and Caucasian women. And there are some women who only want to date Asian men or only want to date Caucasian men. Whoever you are seeking, we can help. And if we cannot, we will steer you in the direction of someone who is able to help you.