Why men Choose To Date Asian Women

May 13, 2011

Why Date Asian Women

“Why do men date Asian women?” Matchmaker May Hui know why. May is often cornered at parties and networking functions because men want to know where are all the Asian women. Why are more and more Caucasian men choosing to date Asian women? What is all the excitement about? Well, May work with a lot of non-Asian men who want to date Asian women. That’s fine with them because both of their significant others are non-Asian. They get it, understand it, and encourage it. They often get asked, “Will Asian women date a white guy like me?” The answer is “yes, if you are a great catch who is values education, have a great career, and tall.”

Two Asian Matchmakers works with Asian men and non-Asian men, Westerners as some people call them, who are interested in dating Asian women. What’s so great about Asian women? Well, we can’t speak for all of the guys out there, but some things our non-Asian clients told us are as follows:

They are beautiful: Many of our clients echoed this sentiment: “Asian women are known for their own unique beauty. They look more youthful than other races.” It’s true. Asian women have to take care of themselves in order to maintain their look. “We learn at an early age that baking in the sun and tanning are not good for us. Only peasants and people who work in the fields are dark. We aren’t them. We also don’t want to look leathery when we are forty,” said one Asian woman who we interviewed. Asian women are known to be health-oriented as well, and their health habits contribute to their look and longevity. They eat fresh foods and home-cooked meals. They also maintain their figure by going on hikes, walks and biking trips. Asian women also maintain their look by using specialized cosmetics and skin care products. In some cases, having an Asian woman for a partner can be a benefit, because they will also share healthy eating habits with their partner.
They value family: Asian women are very family-oriented. The reason being is that they are taught to honor, respect and care for their elders. They take the advice of their parents, grandparents, and other respected elders that they should work out their differences in marriages and that divorce is not the usual option. This can be one reason why you don’t see a lot of Asian women with divorced parents. Asian families tend to take in their in-laws or parents and have them live in their homes. They care for and love their family members and give them only what’s best for them. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, perhaps an Asian woman can be right partner for you.
They’re traditional: Asian women stay within the traditional female role. They are known to be calm, submissive, caring, affectionate and even motherly. When looking for a partner, they want a man who is masculine. They also want a gentleman that can take over any situation that comes to them. Asian women find these characteristics in Westerners and that is very appealing to them.
They have great personalities: Asian women have great personality traits due to their upbringing. Their parents teach them to be hardworking, dedicated, respectful individuals. Education is also something they value, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not your Asian partner is smart. And if you marry an Asian woman, chances are your children will be brought up like she was, so that’s a definite one up. They have seen strong work ethic all their lives in their parents so they have good work ethic, too, and most likely want to teach their kids the value of the dollar. Sense of entitlement is not something Asian kids are familiar with.
They are open to dating other races: This is something that happens with every race in America. However, when it comes to the subject of interracial dating, men want to date Asian women and Asians are the first in people’s minds. They are more open to exploring different races and learning from them. They are also open to sharing what their Asian culture has to offer. Sure, there are some Asian women who prefer to date within their own race, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed. If you date an Asian woman, you’ll find out that she has a lot to offer than just her looks and personality. Asian women are curious and might be attracted to someone who doesn’t look like his brother or father.
Two Asian Matchmakers Los Angeles knows that there are many reasons why Western men might want to date Asian women. These are just some popular reasons. It’s tough to find the right woman no matter what ethnicity you are but many who come to Katie and May know they will do their best to help you date Asian women.

Two Asian Matchmakers Los Angeles is here to help. So, we hope you enjoyed our article about why men are attracted to dating Asian women. Hopefully you’ve learned something about why people choose to date Asian women and may you find your Asian woman soon. Interracial dating is not always the easiest, but in this century, it’s definitely more common than thirty years ago. Interracial dating can be fun and intriguing at the same time.