Red Flags in a Relationship

red flags in a relationship

January 24, 2020

Red Flags In a Relationship: Do These Sound Familiar?


Red flags in a relationship usually come up when you have a bad gut feeling about something. Your intuition is stronger and more accurate than you think.

What are some of the red flags in a relationship after two months? Communication is key when you want to make a relationship work. Without the open communication, it’s going to make one person insecure in the relationship. When we talk about red flags in a relationship, we are talking about things that you should be concerned with. If you are wondering about something about your partner but are afraid to ask, that’s not good. You should be able to openly ask questions and your partner should be okay answering them. When you do online dating, there are a lot of options out there. Make sure you find someone who is okay answering questions and being honest. Red flags in a relationship include: he never calls or texts you or he waits a few days before he has any communication with you, you are always the one to text or call first, he makes weekend plans without consulting you, you’ve never seen her place, she doesn’t introduce you to her friends, you know nothing about his friends, you don’t know much about his day to day life, etc. There are a lot of red flags in a relationship if you have a bad gut feeling about something or the fact that you ignore that there may be something weird or unsettling going on. It’s important to talk to a married friend or someone in a relationship who can give you some guidance based on their own dating experience. Take a good friend’s advice if they are in a relationship, not from someone single. We always say the married folks or the ones who are in long term relationships know to give you the best advice. Your single friends might just be sabotaging your dating life so you can remain single with them.