Dating Expert: You Are Not Ready to Date

May 5, 2015

Dating Expert Says You Are Not Ready To Date If….

Dating Expert Do’s.

Dating Expert May Hui says you should take some time off for yourself before you start getting online right away. The singles will always be online, there is no hurry. “As a dating expert, I say don’t get back on the horse too soon,” says dating expert May, “You need to reflect on what you’ve learn from your previous relationship and focus on some things you need for the next one. Take a moment to self-assess.”

Dating expert May Hui says you are not ready to date if you have too much going on. If you are newly single, do you have drama with your ex? How do you deal with that? What other things do you have going on that is preventing you from dating? You that you should take some time off for yourself, sort yourself out, before getting back out there. If you don’t have someone to watch the kids or have a plan when it comes to dating again, then you are not ready. If you and your ex are still screaming at each other on the phone, then you are not ready to date yet. If your kids are still mourning the breakup between you and your ex, then it’s time to have a conversation with them and give it some time before jumping into the dating scene. You can also hire a date coach to get through some of these issues. A dating coach is invaluable with sound advice for you to take the next step in finding the one. You can search for date coach or dating expert online and read about them to find a good one for you. But be careful, not every dating coach knows what they are talking about so see if their philosophy is in line with yours.