He Hasn’t Asked Me Out Again Yet

santa monica asian matchmaker

October 31, 2016

Santa Monica Asian Matchmaker

So, you went out on a first date at 3rd Street Promenade. You liked him and he liked you. You took a nice stroll along the retail stores on a balmy night. “There are great places to go in Santa Monica if you don’t mind the crowds, ” says May Hui, Santa Monica Asian Matchmaker. There are a lot of great Asian food places down there too. But what happens after the great date and you don’t hear from him again? You texted him after the date to thank him. He replied back and led you believe you will go out again. You have not heard from him. It’s Wednesday and he said you were to go out on Saturday. He’s not made any concrete plans. He just said a day, but with no time or place. Well, if he is busy at work, he will wait until Friday to call you because he is not good at multi-tasking. You shouldn’t be too upset if it takes him longer than usual to set up the second date. Guys should really just tell her where they are going and have a time and place in mind. And you can always follow up with her the night before to finalize it or confirm. The problem is guys keep it vague, like mention Saturday but doesn’t secure a time or place. If men would just secure a time and place, and then tell her “I’ll text or call you Friday to confirm, but we are all set for Saturday,” then that would help put the woman at ease.

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