Pasadena Asian Matchmaker Bad 1st Dates

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November 4, 2016

Pasadena Asian Matchmaker Warning

May Hui, a Pasadena Asian Matchmaker, cautions singles. “There are some places that are not a good first date idea. Some horrible first date ideas would be you inviting her to be your date for a family reunion, a wedding, or for a holiday family gathering,” explains May. You might want to show her off. You might want to see how he interacts with kids to see if he’d be a good father to your kids. This is a true story. We had a Pasadena client invite her to his uncle’s wedding. As a Pasadena Asian matchmaker, we talk to a lot of Pasadena clients. That is not a good idea at all. It is not the time to put her in that situation and she should also say no. It doesn’t matter that you two have talked on the phone and you think you were hitting it off. It is not a good idea. It’s awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. At a wedding, they might talk about love and forever and here you guys are, dating for a couple of weeks or on a first date. It’s like forced interaction for you to get along with his family members or cousins. And you might not even be together the next time they have a family function.  You’re being introduced to all these people and you can’t keep their names straight. People are going to ask you how long you’ve been dating, where did you meet, or worse, when are you guys getting married!!!?? Watch our video for more insight and you will see. Ladies, tired of horrible first dates, then join our database and let’s set you up for free if it’s a good match. We are also welcoming women to be part of our database. Join us and be a member and see if we can help you find the one. Just fill out this profile and we’ll be in touch: https://twoasianmatchmakers.com/online-profile/


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