Meet The Beverly Hills Asian Matchmaker

August 2, 2017

Beverly Hills Asian Matchmakers

Today we’d like to introduce you to May Hui, Founder of Two Asian Matchmakers in Los Angeles.

May, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

I was with a Fortune 500 company. I quit my job in upper management in Dec 2006 and toyed with the idea of starting a dating company. I did a lot of research, read numerous books about other entrepreneurs, and found the idea of starting a dating company fascinating. I tried to apply for jobs at dating companies but without success so I thought, “Why work for someone when I can work for myself?” I hatched the idea of starting my own matchmaking company in 2007 in Los Angeles, working at my kitchen table. Because I am outgoing, love talking to strangers, and want to help people, I was successful in what I did with a small learning curve. I knew I was onto something when I wanted to come to work every day with new ideas and be part of start something that was fulfilling. Since I am Asian, I started getting more and more requests from male clients who wanted to meet Asian women.

I slowly developed a niche in the market where we serve men of all ethnicities in LA and all over US who want to meet Asian women in Los Angeles. Today, I have the largest database in US with the most beautiful, intelligent, and amazing Asian women of all ages. I realized I wanted to help Asian and non-Asian men find their Asian partners and it became our passion. As of today, I’ve arranged over hundreds of successful couples and marriages and that number is increasing every day.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Starting my own business has not been a piece of cake and like most businesses, have had our challenges and obstacles. I had to do a lot of things with trial and error. The good thing is that I am not afraid to ask for help in many situations and I can talk things through with other matchmakers and friends. It’s an advantage that there is a huge industry of matchmakers to draw advice from.

Looking back on my ten years of business, we team and I learned a lot. I learned that radio and newspaper ads were a waste of money for our business. I learned that just because people chose us to advertise with them, doesn’t mean it would be money well spent. I had to learn to say NO to some organizations who wanted to partner up with us that wasn’t good for the brand. It’s tough to say NO to people, but I learned that I needed to politely turn people down on events I deemed were a waste of time and resources.

As with any new business, I am always learning. Hiring a business coach did wonders for my business and it was money well spent. It helped to have a fresh pair of eyes on our business and to approach it from another angle. I realized that hiring a part time employee or two freed us to focus on things that truly mattered for our business. I should be doing things that drove revenue, not doing administrative things that didn’t move our business forward. I also learned that it was okay to reach out to other matchmakers in the industry to network and learn from. I struggled with the pricing (not charging enough, not realizing our time was worth more) when I first started. I undervalued what I did. Another thing I learned was branding (getting the correct look for the company name, business cards, etc) was so important. Finally, I had to figure out what demographics I wanted to focus on, thus creating a niche business for me. Talking things through and bouncing ideas between us really helped us figure out what I wanted Two Asian Matchmakers to be about and to succeed.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Two Asian Matchmakers – what should we know?
My approach to helping singles is the opposite of multi-tasking. Each client receives special attention and sometimes, if needed, hand-holding help from me. To get my clients on the fast-track to finding their mate, I take the time to meet with potential matches and take a magnifying glass to values, lifestyles, and potential attraction between two people. As a matchmakers, I highlight my client, hand-select matches, and focus on things that matter on behalf of my clients. My clients have worked hard to be successful, to keep fit and healthy, and cultivate friends and family relationships and they deserve the extra time and attention I give to help them find love. I honor privacy for the CEO’s and industry leaders as well as any person who prefers privacy about their dating life. Beyond helping singles find love, I help them with challenges specific to L.A. and help them find a slice of sanity and joy while helping them navigate dating in LA. When two people want to meet each other, I set up the date for them. I arrange the time, place, make the reservation, and pick the activity for them. My ideal client is someone who value their time more than money. I am known for first class service with my clients. The men are the paying clients and the women join our database and get set up for free if she is a good match for a man. I am known in the industry as the matchmaker with the largest Asian women database in LA, if not the US. I am most proud of  my honesty, integrity in taking on a client. If I feel that I cannot help them, I will let them know.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
What makes me a great matchmaker is my compassion, empathy, and patience when it comes to helping my clients. I am their biggest cheerleader and they know that I am in their corner to help them be successful in dating. There are also times when I need to show them tough love. I need to tell them who they should be dating vs. who they think they should be with. So, there is a balance with being on their side and telling the real deal about why they are failing in finding love. I provide postdate feedback so our clients can become better daters.

Contact Info:

Website: www.twoasianmatchmakers.com
Phone: (310) 867-0851
Email: may@twoasianmatchmakers.com
Instagram: https://www.youtube.com/user/TwoAsianMatchmakers
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwoAsianMatchmakers/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AsianMatchmaker?lang=en
Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/two-asian-matchmakers-los-angeles-2