Los Angeles Dating Tip: Call Her

April 29, 2016

Los Angeles Dating Tip

At Two Asian Matchmakers, we put together some juicy texting vs. calling Los Angeles dating tip for you.

1. Calling shows you’re brave and confident in your communication skills.

Every girl likes a man who’s confident and comfortable with himself. Calling a girl for a first date shows that you’re confident as a communicator. Texting only shows laziness and cowardice when you’re dating in Los Angeles.

2. You’ll get to hear each other’s voices

C’mon! Wouldn’t you rather hear that person’s laugh than seeing a simple LOL? Talking to each other will feel like you’re actually with that person. Plus wouldn’t you rather know how that person’s day is going in five minutes rather than waiting for an hour or two just to find out via text that their day was “good?”

3. Conversations sound more organic than scripted

When texting, you do have time to figure out what to say to a girl in order to impress her. However, she’d be more impressed if you knew what to say to her and just told her over the phone. Why work on a one line script when you can just be real and say what you want to say to her?

4. Your personality will stand out

People can tell what a person’s personality is like just by the way they talk. If you’re meeting someone from an online dating site, you won’t know what their personality is like by texting. You won’t know if they’re great communicators or shy/reserved. When you call them for a first date, you’ll have an idea of what they’re like before you actually get to meet them in person.

5. Women prefer it

If you ever want to see a woman on a first (or second) date, call her. Period! Calling shows that you care about seeing her. If you want to do the things that will get the women to come your way, you can start by calling, along with wearing a button-down shirt, nice shoes, and being clean-cut. You get the picture 😉 See, dating in Los Angeles isn’t tough.

So those are our five reasons and Los Angeles dating tips on why you should call for a first date instead of texting. And, on a side note, if you are emailing her (you know, when you are starting the online dating communication), don’t use abbreviated LOL and ‘u’ for the word ‘you’ or “ur” for the word ‘your” in your emails. That’s a big NO NO. Take the time to spell things out and sound mature and sane when you communicate with her via email. Anyway, back to the topic at hand…..In summary, women would rather have a guy call her than getting a text from him when dating in Los Angeles. Calling shows that you’re confident, real and caring. Hopefully you’ll think about these reasons after you get numbers from women at our singles events!

Hope this Los Angeles dating tip are helpful.