Japanese Matchmaker Seeking American Men

Japanese Matchmaker

October 21, 2016

Japanese matchmaker and Chinese matchmaker affiliates

We often have Asian women who we work with who live overseas, in Japan or Hong Kong. We work with a Japanese matchmaker abroad who sends their Japanese ladies to us to meet great guys. The guys they are seeking are Asian and Caucasian. Our Japanese matchmaker affiliate has screened the women. Our Japanese matchmaker fills us in on their female clients and who they are seeking. Here at Two Asian Matchmakers, we interview the men and match the men for free. In this case, the women overseas are the paying clients. Our Japanese matchmaker affiliate tells us that the ladies looking for financially stable, intelligent men here in the US. If this is you, we’d love to learn more about you to have you meet the women overseas. It’s free to meet them if you are a good candidate and serious about getting married. Know in advance that the women are open to relocating here in the United States. The women speaks good English conversationally. Many of them have lived in the United States, traveled here before, traveled to Canada or other English speaking countries, and like the western lifestyle. They are not new to the western way of life or the people. Keep in mind, we are only seeking men (age range from 35 to 65) who are serious about this type of long distance relationship that can lead to her moving her or you moving there.

If you are interested in applying to meet one or some of these great ladies (no cost to you), please reference CUPID ALERT under “how did you hear about us” when you fill out this profile. There is also another program.: If you’re a man and interested in flying to Hong Kong or Japan to meet the women there, then there is a small fee. We will set up the dates for you, vet the candidates for you so they are a good match, and help you make arrangements on where to stay and where to meet them.