Asian Dating is Group Dating

April 9, 2015

Asian Dating is Group Dating

I describe Asian dating to my friends as group dating. Asians sometimes travel in packs. They want their girlfriends to go out on the date with them. When I was single, my single girlfriends would try to set me up. I was immature and dragged my friend along on the date. They suggest a guy friend for me to meet. It was kind of a drag, but they did have my best interest at heart and the idea of doing it in a group setting was less like a date. How do you make sure it’s a good idea to let friends set you up? The idea is to let your friends learn more about you by telling them who you are seeking and also why those qualities are important. For example, you might say you want tall guys. Maybe it’s because you want to make tall children. Maybe it’s for you to feel safe. Maybe you’re okay with a husky built guy. Whatever the reasons are, you need to communicate to your friends why you want certain things. You also need to tell them what order of importance those qualities are. For example, is being tall more important than his level of education? Is his financial stability more important than his appearance? If he is a homeowner, is that okay he only makes $75k? Try to be specific when telling them what you are seeking, but not be a stickler on having all those things on the list. Say the top 3 things you need and if the guy she is introducing you has those 3 things, then you automatically will go out with him. Make this fun. You and your friends can be each others’ matchmakers.


What kind of questions should you ask someone if they are trying to set you up? Should you trust what your friend says about the guy? Find reasons to meet someone instead of screening them out. If you prefer to do Asian dating, then get a group together and meet everyone then. Less pressure.