Texting Etiquette & Dating Japanese Women

dating japanese women

November 2, 2016

Dating Japanese Women Tips

What happens after a date? What is the texting etiquette when dating Japanese women? Texting is so much a part of our lives now that there is no avoiding it. Women are texting their friends all day long. Men are texting women friends all day long. You need to ‘keep in touch’ with her so she knows you are thinking of her. If you really like her, it’s okay to call or text her in between to show that you are interested in her. If you are not a texter, you will be if you are dating in this day and age. Everyone is doing it. It’s the easiest way to communicate. It’s not intrusive. It shows you are hip…and that you have a smart phone. But, what should you text him after the date? What is acceptable? It’s always nice to thank him again after the date. You’d be surprised how many women forget to say “thank you” after the guy treats him to drinks or dinner. They just forget. But the guy sometimes notices and thinks you might have a sense of entitlement. You especially want to text him to let him know you had a great time and thank him if you want to see him again. If you get a text from him back, chances are, he liked you, too. It’s okay to be flirty on text messages. What if there is no interest on your part after the first date? You should still text him to thank him. But maybe leave out anything flirtatious or any emoticons. You don’t want to lead him on. Anyway, let’s tackle some of these issues now.

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