Dating In LA: Is Texting Harmful?

November 2, 2011

Dating in LA: Is Texting Harmful?

When dating in LA, communication is very important. Whether you’re reaching out to someone for a first date, talking to them during the first date, or asking for a second date, communication is the key to success in finding a partner long-term when dating in LA. You should mix up dating in LA with attending singles events as well.

But first, how do you get to the first date? The big question: Do you call or text when dating in LA?

Seems like nowadays men would rather text than call for a first date. We guess it’s because:

A) They are wimps and afraid of rejection

B) In this century, our lives are so fast-paced and consumed with work, that we’d rather send a quick text than spend 5-10 minutes on the phone

C) They think they are in high school and it’s ‘cool’ to do so

D) all of the above.

Dating in LA: Technology Killing Us?

Technology has made texting much easier than making a phone call, but that doesn’t mean it is the correct thing to do when it comes to dating in LA. Ever since the smart phones came out, we can now text using one finger instead of two. Sure, it’s illegal on the roads, but it should also be illegal in dating. So you’re thinking why waste our breath when all we need to do to get a first date is punch the keys on the phone when dating in Los Angeles?

But guys! Have you considered what women think about getting a text from you, especially if they really like you? Sure, it’s much easier than calling, but wouldn’t you want to impress that girl by showing some effort into trying to communicate with her when dating in Los Angeles? Women are thinking that they want to be pursued. Women want the guy to call so they can feel special when dating in Los Angeles. They don’t want to receive a text, or worse yet, a ‘mass text.’ Women want to know that the guy thought of them and want to take some time out to call them and talk to them when dating in Los Angeles. Guys, aren’t you annoyed when you call a woman and she replies with a text? Well, it’s the same feeling… for the woman to receive a text from you that asks her out, she’s thinking, “Wow, I wished he called.” You know women, they are chatty little things. They like that extra connection. Maybe we should coach all the women to NOT respond to text messages when men ask them out this way. Would this new rule work while dating in Los Angeles? Your thoughts are appreciated on this topic of texting and dating in Los Angeles. Just email us at info@twoasianmatchmakers.com.com

Dating In LA: When Is It OK to Text Her?

When is it okay to text her when dating in LA? Once you establish a relationship (meaning exclusivity) then you can text her for a date. Don’t get me wrong, you can text if you are in a meeting and running late and can’t use your phone. That’s it. But once you get a chance to call her, do so. Don’t you want to stand out from the rest of the guys who are courting women incorrectly? Just a thought =)

At Two Asian Matchmakers, we’ve seen potential dates shatter because men texted the women for a first date. They never got to meet the women because the women were turned off by their texting. Women want the men to grow a pair so if you are hiding behind the smart phone, maybe you don’t deserve to find the woman of your dreams while navigating in this crazy world of dating in LA. So to prevent that from ever happening to you, call the woman instead!