Dating Asian Women, First Date Etiquette

February 15, 2011

Actions speak louder than words when dating Asian women; always keep in mind that across the table she is paying just as much attention to what you are doing as she is to what you are saying.

May Hui is here to give you some helpful tips for dating Asian Women. Asian girls are very conscientious of the things that you do on a date. Chivalry and just plain of fashioned common courtesy go a long way when on a date with an Asian woman


Dating Asian Women- Video 2, Gentlemanly Behaviors

  • Make Her Feel like the Only Girl in the Room- Asian girls, just like all other girls, want to feel like they have your complete attention. So, when you are on a date with them, make them feel special. Make them feel unique by focusing solely on their needs for the night.
  • Eye Contact- Nothing spoils the experience of dating Asian women quicker than a wandering eye. Maintain eye contact when you speak to her and when she is talking.  This projects confidence and it also let’s her know that you are here to get to know her…and her alone.
  • She Might Be Coy– In many Asian cultures it is considered impolite to stare for a long period of time. So, don’t be put off if when dating Asian women if your girl doesn’t hold your gaze for an extended period of time. It does not mean she isn’t interested. Give her a break and understand that she may be just as nervous as you are…maybe even more so.
  • Be a Gentlemen– Traditional chivalry goes a long way when dating Asian Women. Be a gentlemen by pulling out her chair for her, opening the door, and, of course, leave the cell phone off.

You will be amazed at how far a little bit of common courtesy will get you when dating Asian women. Courteous actions and polite behavior are very important attributes in Asian culture.  The more you exhibit these crucial behavioral traits, the closer your Asian girl will feel to you.