Date with an Asian Girl, End It With Style

March 9, 2011


How to End Date with Asian Girl Successfully

You got the Asian girl on a date! Yay. When on that special first date with an Asian Girl, one of the most important moments during the date that you really have to nail if you want to move on to that prized second date is the date’s conclusion.

Date With an Asian Girl: Ending the Date with Style

Paying the bill

Ok, the dinner was a success, you feel the chemistry between you two, and now it’s time to make a lasting leaving impression at the end of the date. Remember that when on a date with an Asian girl, actions speak louder than words. The end of a date is no time to get cheap, so be sure to take your girl to a restaurant you will feel comfortable paying for, which means it shouldn’t have to be a 5-star restaurant!  But just make sure you don’t take her to a chain or a overly tacky or cheap place.  A coffee date is fine as long as it’s not to a chain shop. As long as you feel comfortable at the end of the date with the size of the bill, you’re date will feel comfortable as well.


When bringing the date with an Asian girl to an end and walking to the parking lot, be sure to wait until she is safely in her car and on her way home before you jump in your car and take off. Chivalry and manners will go a long way with an Asian girl, and actions speak louder than words. It’s up to you whether you want to pay for a valet service if it is an option. But the most important thing to remember is that you should make an effort to make sure she is safely on her way home before you speed off. This is also a great opportunity to place a well execute hug and a word or two about what a great time you had while on your date with an Asian girl.

The Day After

Assuming your date with an Asian hottie was a success, the best time to make a follow up phone call is one day after the date. Don’t make the mistake of waiting ten days to make that second contact.  Even if you can’t read how your Asian girl date felt about the date, still make the call with some date places in mind to ask her out again, women love to be pursued and not guess if you like them especially Asian girl dates!

Believe me, if you follow these simple guidelines to ending your date with style and class, you will be well on your way to a successful and happy second (and possibly third and fourth) date with an Asian hottie of your dreams