She Thinks You Are Cheap If You Do This

November 9, 2016

So you’re getting drinks and appetizers for a date. She orders a nice drink and you order a water. Then she feels awkward and she thinks you’re cheap or trying to save some money. No woman wants to date a cheap guy. That is pretty much a guarantee. Maybe you can order a diet coke or a drink. No woman has ever said, “I want to date a guy who is cheap.” So, men, the advice is to not be cheap. But it’s probably something you grow up with so it’s tough to change something like that but you can try to change. If you go for a drinks date and don’t order a drink, that’s weird, because then she’ll wonder why you’re not ordering a drink and she’s drinking alone. Women don’t normally like to drink alone. Another thing that might bother women is when you order for her, but don’t do that without asking for her opinion. If you order stuff that she doesn’t eat, it’s rude. We had a woman who did this, too. She is a frequent diner at the restaurant and she just orders for her date and her and he just thought she was too familiar with that place and was rude to just order for both of them without consulting him what he likes to eat. So, just be mindful. Ask to share something and get each others’ opinions.

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