Men Are Undesirable If They Do This

October 19, 2016

Best LA Matchmaker Give Sound Advice

Hello there. The Best LA Matchmaker May want to give the men out there some great advice. What are some of the reasons why guys don’t get a second date? Guys sometimes forget to smile. If you’re a serious person or have a serious personality, don’t wear something that makes you look so serious. Wear something to make you feel loose or comfortable. If you are interrogating her, it’s too intimidating. You need to share something about yourself to make yourself an easy going person or to tell a story about yourself so your personality comes out.  Another thing, if you’re fussy and picky about the table when the host seats you, you might seem like high maintenance. If you are the type to take forever to decide on an entree, then look at the menu online before your date. If you have dietary restrictions, pick a place where you know those requirements are met so you’re not asking the server ten questions about an entree. You might think it’s normal but your date my think you are a difficult person to be with. These are some things you might not be aware of but these date feedbacks were from this week. So, yes, it really did happen. Try not to appear high maintenance because she is judging you and you are making a not so favorable first impression. Think about what other things you might do that you think are ‘normal’ but might appear high maintenance to her. Hope these tips help.

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