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August 26, 2010

Asian Dating Service Juicy Questions asian dating service

Asian Dating Service Juicy Questions: 
As Asian matchmakers in Los Angeles working in the Asian dating world, we are consistently being asked juicy Asian dating questions and we love to answer them on our blog.

Asian Dating Service Question #1: 

“I’m doing online Asian dating for the first time ever and my Asian parents don’t know and I know they won’t approve. What kind of photos should I post that are appropriate for dating so I won’t embarrass myself?”

If you are doing online dating for the first time or giving it a shot again after a relationship, congratulations!!  You’ve made the first step in seeking the one. You should have a friend of the opposite sex (yes, a guy or girl friend who you trust) choose which photos you should use.  Remember when you are doing online dating to include at least a headshot, full body shot, and a few photos of you that are taken in casual environments.  One of you dressed up for a wedding is great.  No sunglasses in any of the photos.  Not hats!!  Make sure you are smiling in the photos.  Don’t include more than one photo where you are with an alcoholic beverage.  You don’t want the reader to think, “Wow, this is an alcoholic” If you have photos of you by yourself, those are good ones.  Use cropped photos as a last resort.  If you don’t have any good photos, take some next time you get dressed up for a night out or a date and have your roommate take a bunch.  Change your hairstyle a little to see the difference.  Don’t include photos of you and anyone’s baby for obvious reasons.  No photos of you and a pet.  Don’t want to be known as a cat lady or crazy dog lover.  Post recent photos that are from no more than three months ago.  Let the reader know that the photos are recent.  That’ll score you extra bonus points when they read your profile.

Asian Dating Service Question #2: 

“My Asian friends and I are always going for happy hour on Friday nights after work. I’m really trying to get myself out there, but it’s not easy being an Asian dating again after a tough break up.  What if I spot a good looking person from across the room, but don’t know how to approach him?  I’m not that aggressive when it comes to pursuing a guy.  Do you have any suggestions?”

The fact that you are making a conscious effort to go out deserves some praise.  It sounds like you are making the right move.  Nice job.  Now the second thing you need to focus on is what you should do that doesn’t scream desperate when you are out with your co-workers.  Your best bet is to approach the cutie when he is alone.  You are not sure if he is interested, but that’s okay.  What you should do, which by the way, is the rule of thumb:  if you have a “sighting,” seize the moment. The person who is NOT alone, you, should go up to the cutie, who is alone.  I always believe that the one who isn’t alone has moral support: your friends to egg you on or comfort you should your mission fail. Therefore, you having the support of your entourage, or co-workers in this case, should take the risk! (By the way, this rule goes for both sexes.) All you have to do is simply walk up to him, smile, and give him a compliment (nice smile, nice shirt, and nice tie) and ask him a question, “Where did you get it?”

Asian Dating Service Question #3: 

“I’ve been talking on a phone a few times with a great woman who I met but we’ve not gone out on an official date yet.  I’m kind of nervous about how she will be like in person. Do you have any dating tips on making a great first impression and break the ice so we are off to a good start?”

It is very nice that you have been chatting on the phone with her a few times.  That should give you an idea of what she’s like.  On your first date, when you see her, give her a hug when you greet her and say, “Wow, it’s so nice to finally see you in person!”  You might think a hug is too forthcoming but you’ve already agreed to meet so, there is no better ice-breaker than a hug. A handshake is so impersonal. Oh yeah, don’t forget to smile and speak with confidence and sincerity! What woman doesn’t love to hear who great it is to see her?  If there is something you notice about her that you like or stands out in a positive way, say so.  Compliments are always appreciated if given in a way that doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable.  Happy Asian dating!!

Asian Dating Service Question #4:

“I had a fabulous first date with a woman a met recently at a party. I really want to ask her out again but am unsure about the best way. Is it okay to text or email her for the second date? I’m a little afraid of rejection.  Any Asian dating tips would really be appreciated.”

It is okay to be afraid of rejection.  What man or woman is not?  Please do not ever text a woman to ask her out on a second or third date.  You must be a gentleman and pick up the phone, call her, and have a place in mind.  Truthfully, don’t bother calling if you don’t have a place or day(s) in mind of when and where you want to take her!!  Most women who we work with like a take charge kind of man.  When you ask her out again, just tell her what a great time you had during the first date and that you can’t wait to get to know her better on another date.  Please do not say, “Hang out again.”  You must know that you are an adult and this isn’t high school. In this stage of your life, it’s okay to admit that it’s a date and she’ll appreciate it.  Hopefully from your first date, you’ve made some mental notes in the back of your mind of her interests and stored away some great second date ideas.