How To Look Good In Dating Photos

March 10, 2015

Dating Photos are Important

How do you impress a potential date before you meet them? The answer is with great dating photos. Now, we’re not talking about the old school glamour shots, but we are talking about nice natural light to make you look nice. Dating photos can also be used for your professional profile on other sites.


How do you look good in dating photos? Let May share with you the secrets for looking your best to put your best foot forward when it comes to dating online or through a dating agency. There are certain things you can do and things you should not do. The answer is not bathroom selfies or selfies in the car when you are about to drive somewhere. Selfie sticks are great for you to practice and take photos at different angles. If you must do a selfie, you can use the timer to get a better angle of you and use a selfie stick. Know what angle is your best side. Take some time to figure out what is most flattering for your body shape and features. Learn how to pose.

You have friends so they can take some photos of you. Make sure you ask for some shots of yourself so you can use for dating. Men are visual and there are beautiful women here in LA, so how you can stand out from the rest of the dating photos out there? By getting some professionally done. You can mix them up with some casual ones that you take. If you are doing online dating, don’t hide your body shape by cropping your body out and trying to trick men or women into meeting you. Have some full body shots so people know what you look like. If you think you are overweight, then do something about it. Fix it, not try to trick someone into meeting you with a not realistic photo of you. That is just not right. We have professional photographers on staff who can help you. Our photo session is $300 and it includes a lot of great shots of you and two wardrobe changes. Contact us for more info.