LA Asian Matchmaker

LA Asian matchmaker

December 23, 2010

LA Asian Matchmaker of Los Angeles Interview:  Spotlight on May Hui, co-founder of Two Asian Matchmakers

Why did you become a LA Asian matchmaker? LA Asian matchmaker

I became a LA Asian matchmaker because I knew there was a more dignified way for Asian women to meet quality men of all ethnicities in Los Angeles.  As a LA Asian matchmaker, I meet lots of fabulous women in this city who are seeking men who are like them.  It’s exciting to me that I can help fulfill a man’s dream of introducing them to a quality Asian American woman.  My clients who hire me as their LA Asian matchmaker have usually tried online dating and found that they weren’t meeting quality people.  Because my main job as an Asian matchmaker is to screen for them, they are getting quality dates.  I realize that men just need an extra hand in helping them find the perfect woman.  I genuinely love people and believe life is better with someone special to share it with.


Did you do any interesting jobs before you became an Asian matchmaker?

I was with the corporate world with a Fortune 500 company and interestingly enough, I was doing recruiting, interviewing, and coaching, which is very similar to being an Asian matchmaker today.  As an Asian matchmaker, I’m using all those skills, plus my intuition.

As an Asian matchmaker, do you believe in love at first sight?

As an Asian matchmaker, I believe in “Like at First Sight.”  Let’s face it, men are visual creatures and when they see what they like, they can be super charming on a date.  When a man is charming, generous, and shows a tender side, a woman will 90% of the time give them a second date.  If a woman is attracted to her date, she, too, will be more attentive, flirty, and smile.  The test of a good dater is if they were not attracted to their date, would they still be courteous, sweet, and ‘practice’ being a good dater.  As an Asian matchmaker, I always say that, “Men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears.”  Whether or not you are attracted to the person in front of you on a date, you should always try to be a good dater by trying to have great conversation and always put some time into dressing for a date.

As an Asian matchmaker, what is your ideal demographic?

As an Asian matchmaker, I love working with men in their 30’s and 40’s in the Greater LA and OC counties who are seeking Asian women who are beautiful inside and out.  Our ideal client is male, makes a good living, financially stable, wants children, and is relationship-minded/marriage-minded.  He is too busy to do online dating and sick of the bar scene.  Our ideal female match is someone who is height/weight proportionate, takes care of themselves, feminine, gainfully employed, not a gold-digger, and wants to meet a diamond in the rough.

How does a successful Asian matchmaker recruit men and women? 

As an Asian matchmaker, I meet quality women everywhere I go, whether it’s at a speaking engagement, restaurant, professional networking organization, our monthly singles mixers, a referral through a trusted source, or they find me.  The men who are seeking out my services find me online.  I don’t do any advertising and all the referrals are through word of mouth.  That says a lot about our Asian matchmaker service model.  I know we do a great job for our clients and they reward us with referrals from their professional circles.

What do you find is the most challenging in your profession as an Asian matchmaker?

As an Asian matchmaker or any type of matchmaker, the challenge of working with someone who is on the shy end or socially awkward is tough.  First, I have to work with him one-on-one to help him with his confidence.  Then work on his social skills.  It’s time consuming but a male client who is open to learning can be very rewarding when he is making steps in being a successful dater.

Do you, an Asian matchmaker, think that it is hard to be single in Los Angeles?

What I’ve learned in this business and especially being an Asian matchmaker, is that being single is tough in any city if you have a bad attitude.  I’ve noticed cynical and jaded men have a very tough hurdle to get over.  If anyone has described you as cynical or jaded, you need to make some changes in your life as soon as possible.  It is not an attractive quality in the dating world.  The singles who enjoy doing things on their own and are open to meeting anyone are the ideal clients to work with.  If you are seeking a relationship with an Asian woman, have the means to hire an Asian matchmaker, and are marriage-minded, then you are someone I want to work with!

As a LA Asian matchmaker, do you have any advice for single people in Los Angeles?  As a LA Asian matchmaker, I know that it is tough to be single in Los Angeles at any age.  Unfortunately, dating Asian women doesn’t get easier with more practice or as you get older.  My advice for the single people is to go out on a date at least once a month.  You never know who you will meet.  Don’t be so busy in your career that you don’t make finding love a priority.  Don’t wait until you see all of your single friends being paired off or married.  The best dating advice I can give a single woman dating in Los Angeles is to say YES to everyone who asks you out.  You just never know.  The guy you envision you will marry will not be him at all.  Just ask your married friends!  The best advice to give an Asian single guy is to learn how to be interesting by having a lot of interests, brush up on your social skills, and date with confidence.