Asian Dating Tip

April 29, 2016

Asian Dating Tip or Two  asian dating tip

Asian Dating Tip #1: “I can’t afford an Asian matchmaker, what is another alternative?”

Hiring an Asian matchmaker is basically having a third party screen matches for you so you can increase your chances of being successful at Asian dating. Your Asian matchmaker will keep an eye out for you and is constantly looking for a great match for you 24/7. If you cannot afford to hire an Asian matchmaker, you can find your own Asian matchmakers in your life. You need to let five people you trust in your life know you are single and are looking to meet great Asian singles. Start by telling them what you are looking for in an ideal Asian partner and what you are okay with and what you are not in a partner. Tell your ‘matchmakers’ that you are open to being set up with anyone they who meets the qualities you described to them. However, if the date turns out to be not so great, just tell them thanks for setting you and up but it wasn’t a match. No matter how bad the date was, just don’t get mad at them for trying to help. After all, you asked them to set you up.

Asian Dating Tip #2: “I’ve been dating a great guy for two months now. We spend all weekends together and one weekday a week after work. When do you think a couple should have the exclusivity talk?”

It’s nice when your relationship is on such a natural course that it just happens you’re your relationship evolves into exclusivity. You don’t play games with calling each other. You have long meaningful conversations until the wee hours of the night. However, it’s not all smiles and sunshine when you don’t know where you stand in a relationship. The best time to bring up where you stand is before you sleep together. If you are mature and want this person to be something more, like a boyfriend or husband, than a one night stand, then you should wait until the time feels right to discuss it. If you jump into bed too soon, men will put you in the “have fun for now” category and not the “potential wife” category. Believe it.