Bad Asian Date Ideas

asian date

December 29, 2016

Asian Date Ideas for Good 1st Impression

Chipotle is great, but for a first Asian date? That place poses a lot of questions that makes it uncomfortable for a first impression. Do you order at the same time, do you get the table first, and what about where to sit so it’s quiet? If you think a fast food place is a good place to take someone on a first Asian date, think again. What other places are making a horrible first impression? And inviting her to your place on the first Asian date? That might make her feel weird. What if he shows you his gun collection? Too many things can go wrong. What if you want to stop seeing her and now she is a stalker. She knows where you live and what if things don’t work out? We know you want to show off your oceanfront condo but there is a time and place for that. And lastly, don’t take her to a bar that you go frequently. It’s awkward if the servers knows your name and the bartender sees you there with many different women. You want to go to a new place so you can both bond together and experience something unique together. Also, if you are too comfortable at the bar, she might think you are an alcoholic and that you drink a lot. There are plenty of other great places to take someone where it won’t be so awkward and uncomfortable for her. Plus, it’ll mean something when you do take her to your frequent hangout down the road.

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