Picky Dater? Just Go For Coffee

first date tips

October 28, 2016

Thanks for stopping by to have coffee with us. Picky singles should be more choosy about commitment but not choosy about going on a first date. Just go say hi and see if you hit it off. That’s going to increase your chances of meeting a lot of people and get to know someone. It’s no different than meeting a platonic friend. You try to see if you have anything in common or if you click with him or her. What about distance? Is that a deal breaker for you? Maybe if your life is established in one city and you can’t imagine yourself relocating. If you have three things on your checklist, that is great. Go with it. If you have ten things on your checklist, that is unreasonable. You are giving excuses as to why you don’t go out on a date and you will never meet your partner. If you’re the type who is super picky and not getting out there on any dates, then we have the solution for you. Why not say yes to the next person who wants to get to know you better but just do a coffee date? It’s not going to kill you to meet someone new. You might be surprised how lovely they are. We work with picky clients and sometimes they refuse to meet someone but then they bend and say a coffee date is fine. So, we set it up and then they hit it off. Give people a chance and you might be surprised. Just say YES to the next person who asks you out. The type of people you are attracting are the type of people you should be dating. They are already excited to meet you. They are interested! Ladies, want to meet someone great, then fill out this profile.