Women Don’t Act Like This

asian catholic matchmaker

November 7, 2016

Men sometimes don’t get the second date. Maybe you thought you were smelling good, but you smelled like you’re wearing dirty laundry. It’s a musky smell, maybe you went to the gym and it’s smelly. It’s not a smart thing to squeeze in a last minute workout before your date. Believe it or not, sometimes men do this. Maybe it’s to get them in the mood for a date? SO, men should shower before the date. Women also need to put themselves together after they run errands. You can’t go on a date looking sloppy. These are true stories. Don’t ask to move up the time of the date and then show up sloppy or messy. Don’t wear clothes twice. Wash it after every wear. You might think it smells okay but it does not. This might sound like a simple tip, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t smell their best on a date. Sorry if we’ve offended anyone but we only mention this because this happened to us this week where a woman didn’t want to see him again because he smelled dirty. This also goes for women who don’t wash their hair for two or three days. The guys can smell the oily hair on you and it might turn them off to you. They won’t say it to you because how do you bring this up? But he will know hygiene is not that important to you.

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