Why Do Men Do This

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October 17, 2016

Let’s talk about two things today. Too touchy feely on a date and you being too quiet on a date. Why do American men act so aggressive with Asian women on the first date? It’s never a good idea to be too touchy feely with Asian women on the first date. A hug is probably the only thing that is acceptable, but not a long creepy hug. If they like you, then they will let you be affectionate on date 3 or 4 or whenever. She probably won’t like you being all touchy feely, but she won’t say it. She will probably be too shocked that you’re behaving that way. This happened and he is shocked she doesn’t want to go out with him again? Here is a tip that you should not do on a 1st date with an Asian woman. The other thing we want to talk about is if you’re too quiet on a date. She is asking you all the questions and doing all the talking and she won’t think you’re interested. You have to try to be engaging and talk. Practicing on your friends is a good way to get started. Try being more outgoing. We do come across a lot of mild-mannered Asian men who don’t talk or say much on a date. That makes it awkward for her. Try filling in the silence even with small talk until you find a topic that you are excited to talk about. There was this man who took out a woman on a second date and he insisted on picking her up. When you are going to drive together, you will have a lot of time alone in the car. He didn’t really talk, which made it super weird for her. Men usually talk more when they are not directly across from someone, but not with him. So, she said she didn’t want to see him again, because he was not good conversationally.

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