Out of State Asian Dating

Out of State asian dating continues to expand even though Two Asian Matchmakers started in Los Angeles.   While a majority of clients and members live local to Los Angeles, we work with successful millennials, young CEOs, business owners, leading executives, and some who are simply retired and have the time and resources to travel.   These out of state clients find it fun to date outside of their city or state, which may not have a lot of Asian dating opportunities.

Many clients who date out of state especially value having a matchmaker help screen and filter women to make their travels worthwhile.  Dating becomes fun to look forward to visiting a new city and meet someone who takes potential long distance dating seriously.  We have thoughtful discussions with both men and women about the potentials and limitations of long distance relationships.  We help advise if this resource makes sense for a potential client.  We talk about current lifestyle, love for adventure, travel, and his chances of finding an Asian woman who is happy to relocate or whether the client is in a position to relocate or maintain duel homes.  The possibilities are endless and personalized to each client.

Part of our success with out of state Asian dating is our concierge approach.  We focus on getting to know our client’s lifestyle, help to advise on travel arrangements, and arrange dates that will make the most out of his time.  We respect that travel for dates can require additional effort so we work diligently to provide a quality experience.  We help to manage a client’s schedule so that he can get to know his date better and suggest activities to help the daters enjoy something fun in the city together so that it’s not always just an interview like dinner experience.  Out of state Asian dating becomes a more engaging experience than meeting any guy or girl in your own city.  The daters are trying to assess if more effort should be invested in getting to know each other.  Two Asian Matchmakers are here to help with our expert guidance throughout the dating process, from travel to feedback..

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Step 1

The Private Form

Get started by simply filling out our brief form. Your answers don’t have to be polished and you don’t have to over think it, just tell us what comes to mind.  Your form is private because we respect and honor your need for privacy.
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Step 2

The Meeting and Dating Roadmap

We will contact you once we get your form to set up a meeting with Katie or May.  We will get to know you and share our matchmaking approach with you.  You will receive practical tips on how to step up your dating game.

Step 3

Concierge Your Dates

We make dating fun and dignified again. You will see photos and a bio of your matches. Your matchmaker will help set up a time, date, and location to meet your date.  No phone tags, endless texting, and signing onto apps to manage.  After we share the post date feedback, we refine the next match.