Los Angeles Asian Dating

Los Angeles is home to the most beautiful, intelligent and interesting Asian women, as well as the most handsome, accomplished, and romantic men. But the city is overwhelming. There are so many things competing for attention: traffic, busy career, endless entertainment, and millions of singles. Even a highly successful man or beautiful, intelligent Asian woman will easily be dismissed. No wonder singles go from, a kid in a candy store, to feeling exhausted and frustrated.

  • Are you tired of going to parties and people asking you, “You’re such a catch, how you still single”?
  • How about hearing, “Online dating is just a numbers game.”?
  •  Annoyed to hear, “Can you meet closer to me? Traffic is going to be really bad for me to meet in the middle.”
  • Feeling exhausted going on dates a few times a week and still feel like you are getting nowhere?
  • Feeling frustrated by another person with some kind of last minute emergency and does not reschedule?
  • Feeling disappointed by another person not looking or sounding like their profile?

Unfortunately, being a good catch does not guarantee an easier time dating in Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter. Nothing about finding love is guaranteed. But it doesn’t have to be so much trial and error.

Since 2009, May and Katie have been providing busy, eligible singles with a short-cut to dating. The matchmakers spend their time in order save the clients’ time. May and Katie listen carefully to the values, lifestyles, potential attraction between two people. Combined with their matchmaking experience, they expertly highlight what is unique about each client and advocate on his behalf to a special woman, hand-select matches, and guide the clients about each woman they will meet.

Our clients have worked hard to be successful, to keep fit and healthy, and keep relationships with friends and family. Our clients deserve the extra time and attention we give to help them find love. May and Katie are discreet and honor privacy for all their clients, which is especially important to the CEOs and industry leaders. Beyond helping singles find love, we help them with challenges specific to Los Angeles and specific to Asian dating.

Ready to try a new way to finding love? May and Katie will give you an honest assessment on whether they can support you, only then will they invite you to become a client. Press this link to take the next step!

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Step 1

The Private Form

MEN: To become a client, fill out the Profile Form. We will contact you to get to know you and learn of your dating goals and expectations. If we feel you are a good match for our company and we think we can help you, we will schedule a meeting with our co-founder, Katie Chen.

WOMEN: To be in our FREE database, please apply and submit a Profile Form. Send us your best recent photos. We are looking for women who are high quality, fit in mind, body, and spirit, and is ready for a committed, long term relationship with an amazing man.

Step 2

The Meeting

MEN:   In our meeting together, we want to learn about your life, dating wants, and key life values. This step is easy and enjoyable and sets the stage for us working together. Once we mutually agree to move forward, you will select a search membership that best fits your needs.

WOMEN:  We value that you are a genuine, attractive, and commitment-minded woman in our pool. Although there is no guarantee that you will be matched with a client, all it takes is one.  We’re excited to meet you and show you in the best light.

Step 3

Concierge Your Dates

Co-founders, May and Katie, will screen and hand-select your matches. You will receive your match’s photos and a bio. Women are more likely to meet you when we advocate for you. The women feel more comfortable that we know you on a personal level.  When there is mutual interest to meet, we will set up a time, date, and location for you.  No awkward phone calls or miscommunication. We obtain post date feedback to refine your search.  With over 10 years of Asian matchmaking experience, May and Katie’s experience is priceless.