Jewish Man Asian Woman

April 29, 2016

Jewish Man Asian Woman Connections  jewish man asian woman

Let’s start by asking why the Jewish man Asian woman woman connection is so popular right now. Is it especially important because after having one Jewish woman marriage behind them, now they want to try something new? Wouldn’t they normally go for Jewish women because…well…they’re Jewish? I’ve read through some online articles talking about this interracial Jewish man Asian woman dating trend. According to the writers, Jewish men are shying away from Jewish women because they believe Jewish women are aggressive, high-strung and high maintenance. After interviewing some of our clients, they feel the same way. Because of that, Jewish man Asian woman connections are becoming increasingly more popular. Asian women who are more calm and submissive according to stereotypes. Keep in mind that these are just stereotypes and of course there are Asian women out there who are aggressive, outspoken, bossy, and opinionated, too.

Jewish Man Asian Woman Dating, More Common Than You Think

Are Jewish man Asian woman connections common in Los Angeles? One writer, Song Oh, in her article Asians: The New Shiksas? set out on a little investigation to see if Jewish men really do go after Asian women because of these traits. Turns out, these Asian women Oh interviewed are quite the opposite. They are out-going, out-spoken and strong-willed individuals.

Jewish Man Asian Woman Connections Share Similar Values

Maybe it’s the similar values of Jewish man and Asian woman connections that resonates with each other. In her article ‘The Social Network’ on the Lore and of Jewish Men and Asian Women, Renee Ghert-Zand points out that it’s because they have similar values: education, family and respect for elders. Both are also hard-working and career-oriented. Because of these things, both Jewish men and Asian women say it’s not a surprise why the two get along so well. These reasons seem pretty understandable, but Jewish men and Asian women aren’t the only ones with these set of values; they exist within almost every race.

Jewish Man Asian Woman Hype

In the end, I think there’s so much hype about this topic of Jewish Man Asian Woman connections only because the movie The Social Network pointed it out. It shouldn’t be a surprise to everyone. Interracial dating exists. It’s not only for Jewish and Asian people. I can understand why certain people would be upset about this, and by certain people I mean Jewish women and Asian men. This trend can appear as an act of betrayal to them. As Jewish men flock to Asian women and vice-versa, the Jewish women and Asian men might feel as if their dating pool has thinned out.

Jewish Man Asian Woman are onto Something

But even if this is so, maybe Jewish man Asian woman connections are onto something. Perhaps this trend can be a good thing. It can be in a way that others can learn from these connections. It’s not a matter of stealing one from the other. Asian women probably want to explore new cultures and experience new things outside of their comfort zone. These Jewish men can offer to them: an inside look on what the Jewish culture is all about. Everyone, including Asian men and Jewish women, can probably learn from them. To find love in America, you have to be open to every culture. You must try new things and meet new people, and what better place to do just that than the United States? If you’ve been there and done that and you still prefer to date within your own race, that’s fine. Just because this interracial dating trend exist doesn’t mean you’re doomed to not meet a partner within your race.

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