Asian Dating Tips: How To Behave On Date

asian dating tips

April 7, 2015

Asian dating tips for those of you who are dating in Los Angeles or in the U.S. How do you behave on the first date can impact if you will get that highly sought after second date.

Asian dating tips are here. Listen up men and women.

When it comes to Asian dating tips, we always advise our couples to be careful revealing too much too soon.  If you are too fussy or picky on a date, that can be a turn off. Cursing on the date is a no no. Racist jokes are not funny. Politics should not be discussed. What else makes you a turn off? There is bonding and sharing, and there is crossing the line. One of our Asian dating tips include: don’t curse. Some Asian women don’t like it if you are dropping the F bomb on a date. It doesn’t show you have class. It is okay to be more conservative on the date and then see how it develops before revealing everything about you. It’s fun to find out the different layers about someone as time goes by. Keeping the dates to about 90 minutes is idea so you leave her wanting more. If there is a really strong connection, a little hand holding or playfulness is preferred, rather than going in for the kiss on the first date. Asian dating is different where she doesn’t want to seem to aggressive or sexually charged so she wants to take things a little slower. Some Asian women might want to say they want to be friends first so it’s okay to take things at a more leisurely, non-aggressive pace.