First Date with an Asian Girl, the Conversation

March 8, 2011

First date with an Asian girl, so don’t do this: 

Now how do you keep her interested? When on a first date with an asian girl, it is always important to be mindful of what you say. Additionally, it is almost always just as important to be careful with what you do not say. Knowing what will fall under the category of wrong topics to bring up during a first date conversation is important.  When you are trying to develop a chemistry and mutual bond when on a date with an Asian girl, behave yourself.

Hi Everyone, May Hui with twoasianmatchmaker.com, offering you some helpful advice on the wrong sort of conversational topics to bring up when on that first date with an Asian girl.

Good conversation is important when on a date with an Asian girl. Your date is going to be very interested in a meaningful and substantial conversation.  If you manage to avoid these common first date conversation faux pas, then you could be on your way to a fantastic and rewarding relationship.  That would be the goal of this successful first date with an Asian girl.



When on a date with an Asian girl, remember that your date is a human being with standards and emotions and nothing will alienate her more than stereotyping or judging her before you get to know her. If you want to get a feeling for how adventurous your date is, ask her questions about what she likes to do.  Questions about her weekend or what is the most exotic location she has ever traveled to are good ones.


No matter how well your date with an Asian girl is going, do not stare at her and make her feel objectified. Staring at your date will give her the impression that you are not exactly being honest about your true motivation.  She might think that maybe you are only physically attracted to her and not interested in knowing more about her. This will make it seem you aren’t as trustworthy of a person as your conversation would indicate.


When on a date with an Asian girl, do not make the mistake of labeling her as an “Asian sex kitten” or play into the “yellow fever” stereotype.  No matter how many other dates with Asian girls you’ve been on, when on a first date, do not bring up the fact that you prefer Asian women. Your date wants to hear that you have a balanced dating life. If she feels that she is special because of who she is, that’s great…it’s not good to make her feel like you are dating her just because she is Asian.


If you think your date speaks another language, it’s kind of a turn off if you speak to her in an Asian dialect that you think she understands, but in reality she doesn’t. Even if she does understand the Asian dialect, it may be cute the first time around if you spout off some Mandarin to your Asian girl date…but don’t make a habit of it.