Dating Tips for Men: Turn Offs

dating tips for men

March 26, 2015

Dating Tips For Men

We are talking to guys in this blog. Here are some dating tips for men and what you can do to give a better first impression on dates. This is what men can do better and here are women’s turnoffs.


  1. When men don’t let women speak on a date when she’s telling a story.  That’s annoying. She wants to share a story and he interrupts or tries to finish the story for her. When he is paraphrasing what she is saying so it’s like he’s bonding but the bonding is not happening.
  2. We don’t want to smell you and your cologne after you leave the room. It’s actually fine to not wear any cologne if you aren’t sure if it’s too much. Too much cologne is no good.
  3. If you have a favorite first date shirt and it’s over a year old, you need to get a new shirt. We had a woman complain that her date’s clothes smelled like he’s worn them before…that the shirt smelled a little musty when she got up close to him. Or, it seemed like he wore too much gel in his hair and she can smell it a mile away. It seemed like she really liked him but that one thing really bugged her about him.

We have some stories to share with you in our video about some turnoffs that women brought to our attention and what we’ve noticed that men can do better. Of course, these are all some examples of real date feedback, but it doesn’t mean every woman feels that way. We are just trying to set up the men to be successful on a date, not nit pick that they can’t wear cologne or wear a certain shirt. Check out the video and see if any of this sounds familiar to you, if you’re doing something that women find it’s a turn off.