Nothing Has Happened Yet, Do You Tell Him

April 30, 2015

Dating Coach Gives Sound Advice on Something That Has Not Happened Yet

As a dating coach, I often tell people to hold off on jumping to conclusions.

Nothing has happened yet. For example, when you are dating and you might be switching jobs, moving to a new city, or going backpacking in Europe for a month, do you need to bring it up on the first date? My answer is NO. If you really are leaving on a one month trip, then you should not be dating. You should plan your trip. If you say you might be moving or switching jobs, all this talk is making you sound unstable. Not mentally unstable. Just uncertain. Men don’t like uncertainty. Already you sound like a lot of drama. Focus on things that has happened, then talk about it. Other dating coaches might have a different opinion. Another dating coach might say lay everything out on the table on the first date or the fifth date. I think if something hasn’t happened yet, there is no point in going over ‘what if’s’ in your head. That is a waste of time and it will make you go nuts.

What are some dating coach No-No’s and things to avoid talking about on the first date or two? Bottom line: Don’t reveal anything that hasn’t happened yet. You don’t need to tell someone about your plans to move if you haven’t even decided to move.

What do you think of this? Has there been a situation where you thought it was a good idea to tell someone something or get their hopes up and then only to find out, it didn’t happen? This is the same concept. No need to bring something up unless it is going to happen. I hope this helps next time you are on your date and you decide what you should bring up and what you shouldn’t.