How Do You Greet Your Date

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April 2, 2015

Are you a busy professional who needs some help with dating?

Busy professionals need some pointers when it comes to dating, too. Busy professionals are great at their work environment. But what about in a date environment? They forget that how they treat people at work is not how they treat their dates.


When it’s time for your date, you should get into date mode. What that means is you should put your phone away. Tuck it in your coat pocket. Turn it off or silent mode it. Busy professionals forget that they need to be cute, fun, and flirty on a date, not all professional. So, should you greet her with a hug, a kiss, or a handshake? All these things are fine. A kiss on the cheek is okay, if you’re a good looking guy. It only works well if you’re confident and you don’t hesitate. A handshake is fine if it’s not a limp one. This is not work mode, so the handshake is not the suggested greeting. A hug is the best way to greet her. A hug and a compliment is even better. A lot of our clients are busy professionals and they want to make a great first impression. Giving someone a hug and a kiss on the cheek shows that you are warm, caring, and not afraid of affection. Women sometimes come off as being cold or frigid when they come from work because they can’t get out of work mode. So, what will help is if women go home and change and freshen up first. The greeting sets the tone for the date. A playful attitude and a smile goes a long way.