Asian Men Dating White Women

April 23, 2015

Asian Men Dating White Women

Why Asian Men Dating White Women is Socially Acceptable

Is it getting more acceptable now for Asian men dating white women? I think so. There has been more and more demand from our Asian male clients to meet beautiful Caucasian women. And why shouldn’t they?  Asian men want to meet them.  The Asian men are educated, ambitious, and family-oriented. We love when Asian men come to us seeking relationships with non-Asian women. Don’t get me wrong, we also love when they want to date Asian women, too. Long gone are the stereotypes of dorky Asian men trying to meet Caucasian women. There are so many things an Asian man can offer a woman, it’s not surprisingly that Asian men are highly sought after. We also had a speed dating once for Asian men dating white women. That was a sold out event. That was fun and such an eye opener for us as matchmakers and for the community to be open-minded in this pairing.


More and more women are dating Asian men now. This used to be a very unique couple but now a days, it is more and more common. Women are finally getting smarter by choosing Asian men as husbands, boyfriends, and fathers of their children. There are some myths we need to stop spreading about Asian men. In this article, it talks about how Asian men are usually portrayed. Granted, there are some Asian men portrayed that way, but the ones we know are strong, masculine, and confident. So, if you’re a woman looking to date an Asian man, look no further. Fill out a profile with us and let’s set you up with a handsome, passionate, and great catch Asian man. We have more and more non-Asian women and Asian women electing to date Asian men than ever so hopefully you will be one of them as well.