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Coffee Date = Cheapskate or Not


https://youtu.be/zfm4lnKeZyQ If you are not sure if you want to…

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Dating Profiles And They Are Really For


https://youtu.be/rJOtv9vvyFU Dating profiles are great for you to get a…

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She Doesn’t Sense Chemistry, But No Reason To Be Mean


https://youtu.be/ZQOZqEr26f8 If we can agree that even if he doesn't…

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Make Concrete Plans With Her


https://youtu.be/1J6LuWbSHKE Nothing is more annoying to women than her liking…

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Inexperienced Dater

Inexperienced Dater Beware


https://youtu.be/LQ_7g-KIf1s We often get date feedback from our clients. Some…

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Bad Asian Date Ideas


https://youtu.be/fjdqHhvq0as Asian Date Ideas for Good 1st Impression Chipotle is…

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Asian Match Making Tips: Don’t Do This


https://youtu.be/J3Vn11ibWGc Asian Match Making Tips Asian match making tips by…

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She Thinks You Are Cheap If You Do This


https://youtu.be/8V2C243wG0A So you're getting drinks and appetizers for a date.…

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Women Don’t Act Like This


https://youtu.be/N7xAyIXXjDo Men sometimes don't get the second date. Maybe you…

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Pasadena Asian Matchmaker Bad 1st Dates


https://youtu.be/eWzM1oacRyo Pasadena Asian Matchmaker Warning Katie Chen, a Pasadena Asian…

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