Los Angeles Asian Dating

L.A. is the second largest city in the U.S. and most populous city in California and no wonder with close to 4 million people.  Yet these numbers don’t make Los Angeles Asian dating any simpler for singles.  Most singles would agree that bad traffic, demanding careers, and an ever present feeling that the grass is greener on the other side makes it challenging to focus on narrowing down someone special.  Los Angeles Asian dating can be great since outside of Asia, Los Angeles is home to some of the most beautiful, intelligent and interesting Asian women as well the most handsome, accomplished and romantic Asian men.  On the other hand, L.A. can be filled with too many options and singles with over-scheduled lives so a great guy or gal can easily be dismissed.  Singles become more interested in convenience when it comes to Los Angeles Asian dating. Singles would rather be on apps, online dating, or going to events whenever they have 5 minutes to swipe left or right or when they are meeting friends for an industry party or birthday anyway, so let’s conveniently  have a so-called “date” there and it’s safe because if someone doesn’t feel it, she/he can just lose him/her in a crowd.  L.A. is all about multi-task dating.

Our approach to Los Angeles Asian Dating is the opposite of multi-tasking.  To get our clients on the fast-track and provide a short-cut to dating, we slow down in order to be effective.  We take time to meet with potential matches and take a magnifying glass to values, lifestyles, and potential attraction between two people.  Our matchmakers highlight the individual, hand-select matches, and focus on behalf of our clients.  Our clients have worked hard to be successful,  to keep fit and healthy, and cultivate friends and family relationships and they deserve the extra time and attention we give to help them find love.   Our matchmakers honor privacy for the CEO’s and industry leaders as well as any person who prefers privacy about their dating life.  Beyond helping Los Angeles Asian dating singles find love, we help them with challenges specific to L.A. and help them find a slice of sanity and joy among the constant busyness.


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Step 1

The Private Form

Get started by simply filling out our brief form. Your answers don’t have to be polished and you don’t have to over think it, just tell us what comes to mind.  Your form is private because we respect and honor your need for privacy.
Profile Form

Step 2

The Meeting and Dating Roadmap

We will contact you once we get your form to set up a meeting with Katie or May.  We will get to know you and share our matchmaking approach with you.  You will receive practical tips on how to step up your dating game.

Step 3

Concierge Your Dates

We make dating fun and dignified again. You will see photos and a bio of your matches. Your matchmaker will help set up a time, date, and location to meet your date.  No phone tags, endless texting, and signing onto apps to manage.  After we share the post date feedback, we refine the next match.